What is Power Assisted Exercise?

Power assisted exerise is really three exercise systems in one.  The prime features and benefits contained in conventional resistance, passive and cardiovascular macines are brought together in to one unique exercise concept. The range consists of Six Power Assisted Machines, each one designed to contribute to the most complete physical conditioning programme available today with a large variety of exercise functions.


Deconditioned users love the comfortable, graded intenstiy levels  and smooth power assisted performance that take the stress and muscle soreness out of exercise.  86% of the UK adult population fall in to this category*.  People are attracted to the passive exercise initially but are shortly thrilled with the effortless way that inch loss and fitness levels improve with the machines helping to take the work out of the workout. (*Allied Dunbar National Fitness Survey 1991)

Power Assisted Training Advantages

  1. Shapemaster's Power Assisted Exercise Machines integrate the best features from Isotonic, Isokinetic, Passive and Cardio-Vascular exercise training systems.
  2. Maximum Training benefits in half the time.
  3. Maximal relative load of muscle at every joint angle throughout the full range of motion
  4. Double Positive resistance throughout the full range of motion in both concentric and eccentric phase
  5. Physiological improvemvent of both fast and slow twitch muscles fibres.
  6. Load of anaerobic and aerobic energy systems over the 30-minute programme.
  7. Diminsh possibility of injury to the muscle, joints and ligaments since the users never meet more resistance or endure loads more than they can handle.  The machines give unrivalled no impact, total body shaping and toning without over stressing joints or muscles.
  8. Strict form (technique) is guaranteed throughout the exercise.
  9. Reduction in post exercise soreness, since muscles are thoroughly stretched out in the eccentric phase.  
  10. Some machines work the same muscles or muscle groups but each machine will work these muscles at slightly different angles.  Although there are overlaps between the machines in terms of muscles worked, each machine works the muscles in a different way, with the result that the total 30-minute workout is much more effective than if each machine worked a single muscle or muscle group in isolation.
  11. Increased muscle overload produces faster depletion of muscle glycogen stores and the correspondent switch over to fat burning as alternative energy source, significantly higher reduction and improve lean to body composition ratios are subsequently achieved than with traditional exercise.
  12. By changing the speed setting and RPE, cardiac output is increased with the resultant positive impact on the bodies cardio vascular system.  Stroke volume and respiratory rates are elevated as blood vessels dilate producing increased blood flow and delivering more oxygen to the muscles.  Maximal oxygen intake is progressively improved.
  13. Users muscles can perform longer without tiring by sharing the workload with the motor.  When muscles tire the motor can take over the workload.
  14. Passive Exercise tones and strengthens the muscles without stressing the cardio-vascular system.  This makes Shapemaster's Power Assisted Exercise machines ideal for users with heart and vascular conditions and hypertension etc.
  15. Compound movements: Shapemaster's machines are designed to be dual action, triple action and even quad action.  This allows a number of different body parts, joints and muscles to be exercised simultaneously. 

source - Shapemaster Limited

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