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Welcome and thank you for visiting Toning Table Therapy Centre website.  On our website you will find details of our friendly, welcoming and professional centre and so much more.  


We took delivery of our Shapemaster machines - (top of the range equipment) on 1st July 2013 and opened our doors on 2nd July in our previous location.  On 2nd March 2015 we opened in our new location in the Stow shopping centre (just across the road from our previous location).  We have been thrilled by everyone's reaction and uptake.  Congratulaions to our members, we look forward to welcoming more of you very soon!


Click on the above links to read about the benefits of using the machines; see what the machines look like and which body area each works; how to contact us and when we are open!


We wanted this centre to be welcoming, friendly, fun and inclusive - and it is!  You will not be judged, no matter what your health, size, fitness level, gender, non-binary, religion or disability etc.  We want everyone to feel comfortable and to benefit from this incredible exercise programme.  We are not a gym, so there is no competitiveness, you will feel very comfortable here.  We don't do cliques but we do know how to laugh!!


Toning Tables enable so much more than just toning; they also provide excellent rehabilitation exercise, pre/post op, continual passive movement to reduce swelling and are so gentle you can use them everyday.  We have seen excellent results for people suffering with Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility, Arthristis and so much more..........     Our members age range from 9 to 94...so it really is for everyone!!!


We have recently started working closely with a very experienced Physiotherapist, who was very pleased that the machines replicate many of maintainence exercises she prescribes, all carried out in a safe, accurate and gentle way.


All our staff are highly trained and experienced in various backgrounds, so we all bring our experience and expertise into the sessions, to ensure your session is tailored and appropriate to your needs.  There is always a member of staff present to guide you and assist you, you wont be left on your own.


There is no age limit; there is no need for special clothing or shoes, so no need to change in front of anyone.

*Junior Members - must be accompanied by a adult at all times.  


Our sessions are mixed, however, if required we can hold women only, junior members only and men only sessions during the week - so check out the Open/Session times.  


Call us NOW on 01279 898 460 or 07747 593556  to arrange your FREE taster session.


We look forward to welcoming you at our centre and starting you on your journey to working smarter....not harder and achieving your personal goals!


Our goal is to help YOU achieve 'Your Goals'!!!



*Junior Members - Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  

Our goal is to help YOU achieve Your Goals!

Regular Excersise At The Toning Table Centre

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Good Health is generally taken for granted and is only missed, often when it is TOO LATE.

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