We have a variety of power assisted exercise machines, taking the Work out of WorkOut!

Work SMARTER - not harder! The machines & exercise programmes really do work!! Try them out for FREE and see for yourself - speak to other members and listen to their journey and experiences.

Waist Away

These super exercise machines help to create a firm narrow waistline, firm flat abdominals whilst simultaneously adding strength & flexibility to the lower back

Flys & Thighs

Firms the inner & outer thighs, trimming & improving hip mobility, whilst simultaneously shaping the chest, shoulders and upper back.

Tummy Crunch

The combination of the Tummy Crunch machines firms & flattens the entire abdominal group of muscles.

Seated Climber & Posture Pullover

The pullover action firms & strengthens the chest, upper back, upper arms & shoulders resulting in an improved posture & upper body mobility.  The Seated Climber also excercises the legs, waist and abdominal muscle groups.

Chest & Legs

Chest & Legs works on the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, abdominals, upper back, buttocks & hips, resulting in improved posture & upper and lower body mobility.

The Hipster

This machine gently tones and firms hips, buttocks, lower back and legs; strengthening the legs, abdominals and lower back.  This replicates walking, without any impact to the joints or spine.

Bums & Tums

This machine tones and tightens the buttocks, hips and tummy.  Lifts the buttocks and helps to reshape.

Lay Down Waist Away

This is the final machine - gently stretches out the muscles worked throughout the excercise programme; working on the abdominals and waist as well as the legs and back muscle groups.  A favourite will most of our members!

NEW - Side Bend Stepper, coming to the centre on 25th March!!  Watch this space for further information.

How do they work? ... the machines are designed to get you into the right position, to work the right muscle groups, that each machine is designed for.  It's targetted exercise and its definitely about working smarter....not harder!!  Come and talk to our other members and see how they have found the tables.  Toning, rehabilitation, pre and post op or just general fitness.....it really does work!

Our goal is to help YOU achieve Your Goals!

Regular Excersise At The Toning Table Centre

  • Health and Fitness
  • Feeling Good
  • Looking Good
  • Everyone Needs It
  • Nothing Is More Important 

Good Health is generally taken for granted and is only missed, often when it is TOO LATE.

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