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Lin P - November 2014 - My journey


From April 2007 to January 2010 I had 3 replacement knee opeaions to my right knee.  Following these I endured many months of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy resulting in my leg still being left unable to extend or bend fully.


Unable to use a gym or other forms of exercise I found Tiaras Toning Tables.  I must add that I was very sceptical on my first appointment as I had been told that my knee was 'as good as it would get'.


I have been going 2-3 times a weeks since June.  At first I was nervous and found it difficult to exercis my right leg but with advice and help from Chris and Louise, who own the Toning Table Centre, I have found it is getting easier and easier.


I now have more mobility in my leg and can actually sit properly on a chair with both legs together.  Walking has got easier and I have even been able to go out and buy boots with a 5cm heel for the first time in 8 years (you do not know how good that makes me feel).


I will continue to go to the Toning Tables, continue reaping the benefits and who knows - silettos next :-)


I would definitely recommend anyone to gie the tables a try (problems or not)


The Toning tables have been a godsend!  (14th Jan 2014) - Musculo/Skeletal Therapist

Alison Young BSc (hons), FIAT, B.C.M.A, A.L.T.T, A.P.N.P, S.N.H.S

I cannot put into words my gratitude for the toning tables and how much they have made a difference to my life. To finally find something that helps to relieve my physical condition and enables me to live a 'normal life' with reduced pain levels has made a huge difference.

Five years ago I prolapsed two discs in my lumbar region which crushed my sciatic nerve causing excruciating leg pain, trusting in conventional medicine I underwent a surgical procedure. Although the leg pain was relieved, after the surgery I experienced increased lower back pain. After undergoing treatment and traction the pain increased. Following this procedure I was starting to feel generally unwell and experienced physical pain and tiredness all over my body. As a busy mother of two and working full time I tried to work through it. On numerous occasions I went to the doctors to seek help and the offer of pills along with the diagnosis of „stress and depression‟ was all the support they offered. The feeling of systemic pain and general tiredness led to exhaustion and this cycle continued. I then started to feel a pressure in my head and this went on for six months until I finally collapsed in work. I lost consciousness briefly and was taken to hospital. When I came round it felt as though the right side of my body had lost its strength and after waiting in hospital for over 8 hours I was sent home. Following this episode the general illness and pain increased and I felt as though I was living in a bubble, exhaustion and pain was affecting my ability to work. After repeated visits to the doctors, I was finally referred for a CT scan which showed fluid on the brain and was placed on a course of diuretics. I was then referred for an MRI scan and the fluid had dissipated.

During this time I continued to work. I was still experiencing the pain, fatigue and pressure in my head and kept going back to the doctors only to be told I was suffering from depression and stress.The problem that the doctors did not seem or want to understand was that it was the ill health and pain causing the depression. The countless visits to the doctors to be told that the “pain and fatigue was in my head” and “pull yourself together” . I had to make changes to my lifestyle and left my job.

This was a turning point in my life and I knew that I had to do something but was not sure what to do, I maintained my persistence with the doctors but realised that I was not getting the support and felt as though my condition was deteriorating, it was then that I found alternative medicine where I was treated as an individual and listened too. When I visited consultants and doctors and there was no empathy for the fact that I was dealing with a condition that was so debilitating. When I discovered the benefits of alternative medicines and therapy it changed my life and I decided that this was an area of work that I was interested in working in, the fact that people who used this approach are passionate and truly care for their fellow man. I had always been passionate about my work but this added a new depth and meaning to my life. I started rebuilding my life becoming both mentally and physically stronger which gave me the strength to persist with the doctors and I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and fatigue in addition to my back condition. I then tried different exercises, which involved joining the gym, Yoga, Pilates but I found these very taxing and would sometimes reverse my condition.

A friend introduced me to the toning tables and I have not looked back since! they have reduced the pain, fatigue and lymphatic build up. The continuous passive movements along with the resistance movements and the valuable advice of the team has enabled me to go from strength to strength. In my current role as a 'Musculo/Skeletal therapist I now advise my clients to use the Toning tables and the benefit to their pre-existing conditions is amazing! I truly urge everyone to try the Toning tables and wish you as much success and I have. The team offer invaluable advice and support and their dedication to the holistic approach creates a friendly and enjoyable experience. The use of the toning tables is helping me to manage my condition and I truly believe that it has helped save me from miserable existence.

Sue - Aged 68 - (14th June 2014)


in 2010 I had a knee replacement in Harlow hospital, unfortunately it wasnt a success, everything went wrong.  After 4 days I got an infection and had to go back to theatre and have it re-opened and flushed out; then a few days later I got a blood clot and had to inject myself for 6 weeks.  I then had physio which didnt do much to ease the pain or help me get about.  I had difficulty getting up stairs, walking up hills and with any incline, in fact I was in more pain than before I had the operation.



In November 2013 I was introduced by a friend to join Tiaras Toning Tables and with the help of the lovely Louise and her husband Chris advising me how to get my knee working, after 6 weeks my knee was completely pain free and i did a 10k charity walk across farmers fields, in the rain and mud with dogs with no problems at all.  


I would advise anyone with joint or muscle pain to join or attend Tiaras Toning Tables, its well worth it.  


Thanks again to Louise and Chris and of course the fantastic Toning Tables!


In September 2013 we conducted a questionnaire to see how satisfied our members were with the Toning Centre. 

We received 70 responses and here are the results....


Atmosphere 95%
Booking system 91%
Instruction 94%
Instructors 95%
Equipment 96%
General facilities 93%
Overall experience 96%

Thank you to all of you who responded.  


We look forward to welcoming more people to our friendly, inclusive and welcoming Toning Centre -  see you soon!! 

We have been open since 2nd July are a few things our members have already fed back to the TTT Team........keep it up members!!!



"Kim Archibald Thanks to all of you I'm so pleased with the results, especially as I am now taking very few painkillers for a back problem I've had for years, I had tried everything else never expected these results. Amazing. Can't wait to tell my doctors.
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"after two and a half years, following a serious car accident that left me with a lot of nerve damage, I was finally able to brush the back of my hair" - (member - attended 5 sessions)


" I've got back in to my denim shorts.......haven't worn them for ages......I've been coming 2 weeks, (9 sessions) - really, really happy!!"


"I am holding myself much straighter and more conscious about my posture, I have more energy and am loving the Toning Tables" - (member - attended 4 sessions)


"For years I have only been able to walk down the stairs, sideways and one step at a time...... I can now walk down the stairs forwards" - (member - attended 5 sessions)


"I'm enjoying coming more and more each time!" - (member - 5 sessions)


"I've already lost 2kgs and 2% off of my BMI and 2% off of my body-fat - I feel stronger and my back pain has reduced considerably" - (member - 6 sessions)



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