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Regular Excersise At The Toning Table Centre

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Good Health is generally taken for granted and is only missed, often when it is TOO LATE.

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Visit our sister company - The Harlow Holistic Therapy Centre - hightly trained & experienced therapists, ready to look after you.

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As of 2nd March 2015 - Our New Location and our New Look Shop Front - where we can see out but no-one can see in, ensures a light and airy feel
Tables in their new location - looking very comfortable and inviting!
Reception and waiting area
lovely entrance and porch to keep the warmth in and cold out....and in the summer...coolness in!

Below you will find the link the Outtakes video......it was by far the funniest thing any of us had done to date on a Sunday afternoon.  We hope you enjoy the proper video....and we hope this gives you a good giggle.....it dd us!!!!!  Enjoy xx

To see our photos of Halloween in our old location (2014)

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